Ukrainas konstitutionella sicksackande. Regimförändring och partiutveckling under semipresidentialism


  • Thomas Sedelius


Ukraine has repeatedly shifted between the two sub-types of semi-presidentialism, i.e. between premier-presidentialism and president-parliamentarism. The aim of this article is to discuss to what extent theoretical arguments against premier-presidential and president-parliamentary systems are relevant for understanding the shifting directions of the Ukrainian regime. As a point of departure, I formulate three main claims from the literature: 1) “President-parliamentarism is less conducive to democratization than premier-presidentialism.” 2) “Semi-presidentialism in both its variants have built-in incitements for intra-executive conflict between the president and the prime minister.” 3) “Semi-presidentialism in general, and president-parliamentarism in particular, encourages presidentialization of political parties.” I conclude from the study’s empirical overview that the president-parliamentary system – the constitutional arrangement with the most dismal record of democratization – has been instrumental in strengthening presidential dominance and authoritarian tendencies. The premier-presidential period 2006–2010 was by no means smooth and stable, but the presidential dominance weakened and the survival of the government was firmly anchored in the parliament. During this period, there were also indications of a gradual strengthening of institutional capacity among the main political parties and the parliament began to emerge as a significant political arena.

(Published: April 2016)

Citation: Thomas Sedelius (2016) »Ukrainas konstitutionella sicksackande: Regimförändring och partiutveckling under semipresidentialism». Nordisk Østforum 30 [1] 18–37.

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Thomas Sedelius

Docent och universitetslektor i statsvetenskap vid Högskolan Dalarna



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Sedelius, T. (2016). Ukrainas konstitutionella sicksackande. Regimförändring och partiutveckling under semipresidentialism. Nordisk Østforum, 30(1).




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semi-presidentialism, premier-presidentialism, president-parliamentarism, party, presidentialization, president, prime minister, parliament, democratization, Ukraine