Regimeideologi og politisk historiebrug i Rusland: Udstillingen »Rusland – Min Historie«


  • Mikhail Suslov Københavns Universitet, Danmark


The article analyses representations of history in today’s Russia as part of the ideology for expressing central political concepts underlying the Putinist regime. Mainstream interpretations of history build on a populist vision of Russia as a community with a stable, unchangeable core of identity. In this ideological context, history serves as the canvas on which the ‘authentic’ Russian identity manifests itself. The present research article examines representations of history by focusing on the concepts of ‘historical sovereignty’, ‘unity of history’, and the role of elites in history. It finds that regime ideology in today’s Russia relies on a sizable infrastructure that involves producing historical knowledge for the purpose of securitizing history and making it an instrumental element in the populist (conservative-communitarian) ideology. Sources for this study come from the network exhibition ‘Russia – My History’, contextualized through content analysis of the key producers of ideology in Putin’s Russia.

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Mikhail Suslov, Københavns Universitet, Danmark

Institut for Tværkulturelle og Regionale Studier



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Suslov, M. (2021). Regimeideologi og politisk historiebrug i Rusland: Udstillingen »Rusland – Min Historie«. Nordisk Østforum, 35, 236–256.




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use of history, ideology, historical sovereignty, populism, sense of time, historical unity