Hans Christian Andersen in Russia

  • Brita Lotsberg Bryn Universitetet i Bergen, Norge


Abstract: Hans Christian Andersen in Russia
Brita Lotsberg Bryn (University of Bergen) reviews the anthology Hans Christian Andersen in Russia, edited by M.S. Jessen, M. Balina, B. Hellman and J. Nørregaard Frandsen, which investigates the influence of H.C. Andersen’s work on Russian culture. It demonstrates that Andersen’s fairy tales, broadly employed by authors and artists and valued by generations of readers and audiences in Russia, constitute a specific cultural code. The book comprises articles by seventeen scholars of Danish and Russian literature, art, film, theatre, music and media, exploring this code from various angles.

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Brita Lotsberg Bryn, Universitetet i Bergen, Norge

Førsteamanuensis i russisk litteratur ved Institutt for fremmedspråk

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Bryn, B. L. (2020). Hans Christian Andersen in Russia. Nordisk Østforum, 34, 230-232. https://doi.org/10.23865/noros.v34.2528
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H. C. Andersen, Russia, fairy tales, cultural code