Om historieskrivningen i Subov m.fl.s Ruslandshistorie for det 20. århundrede

  • Mette Skak Aarhus Universitet, Danmark


Abstract: On the Historiography of Zubov et al.'s History of Russia in the 20th Century
Around 2009, a certain Kremlin-sanctioned Vergangenheitsbewältigung of Russia’s Soviet past developed. A case in point is the collective two-volume work edited by Andrei B. Zubov, Istoriya Rossii. XX vek, published in 2009. Societal agency is said to be stressed over structural forces, but it is mainly the agency of Lenin, Stalin and later Soviet leaders that is analyzed. The narrative of the times before Stalin’s ascent to power emphasizes repression, terror and planned famine as precursors of the totalitarian excesses under Stalin (1923–1953). The originality of Zubov’s historiography is evident in his approach to the Great Fatherland War of 1941–1945, which Zubov refers to as The Soviet–Nazi War. Further, the narrative of the Cold War era culminates in an ‘imperial overstretch’ theory about the Soviet collapse. However, Zubov has been vehemently criticized for lack of critical rigor; his work represents an awkward mix of liberal enlightenment and obscurantism in its veneration of the fascistoid thinker Ilyin. Today Russia officially operates with one historical truth about the years 1941–45 and is hereby distancing itself from scholars like Zubov.

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Mette Skak, Aarhus Universitet, Danmark

Institut for Statskundskab

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Skak, M. (2020). Om historieskrivningen i Subov m.fl.s Ruslandshistorie for det 20. århundrede. Nordisk Østforum, 34, 244-263.
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Russia, historiography, Soviet history, Vergangenheitsbewältigung